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Sunday September 2, 2012

Why Hello There

Why Hello There


Have you missed us!? We certainly miss all of you guys... all five of you!!

So we figure it's been a while since we have made any efforts to communicate to the world. And although there's not many of you, it's still well worth the time to keep you updated with our various movements.

The last time you probably heard from us, Pat decided he'd had enough of us and we just released the last episode of 'It's Yours So Truck It'.. That was a while ago now so if you didn't get a chance to see the 'wrap up' episode of 'truck it', give the attached link a look over once or twice.

So let's start with Arlo! It always makes sense to start with the handsome member of the band

Our good pal Arlo has been keeping busy over the past few months flashing his sexy skills wherever he possibly can with bands such as Jonesez, Dear Ale, Motor Ace and Auberon Dance Academy. He's also been doing a bunch of film stuff which is very rad. Pretty sure one of the recent Jonesez vids was put together by him!

Pick up a copy of the latest albums by these bands at your local Brashes outlet.

Leo, by far the cutest member of the band, has been busy working on puberty. We're confident this year will produce his first pubic hair. Aside from that, Leo has been busy drumming with pretty much anyone that looks at him twice including The Flyin Saucers, Chris Oneal, Metallica and Waverley.

Next up comes Pat, who left the band late last year but until we replace him, will remain in the band purely for mailout comedic value.

Pat has been keeping busy planting a house, building trees, designing awesome things and earning more than his previous allocation of 5c per day with The Statics

And then of course Gerard.. who's been busy playing with pretty much himself and himself only.. Not just because he's self absorbed like you may think, but because he's simply not skilled enough to perform in any other band than his own haha.. So that's pretty much what I've been doing.

The reason for our little tap on the shoulder, is to let you know about a few acoustic gigs Gerard is doing at the moment. You'll probably notice he is being billed as 'g-pop' so don't get confused, it's just Gerards stupid name he uses when playing mostly Statics songs acoustic

Date - Sunday Sep 9th
Venue - The Workers Club
Big Kids/All Kids/ Little Kids - Big Kids
Supporting - Jonah Matranga (US)

So yeah, I only just realised I'm playing main support so that's pretty rad. Check out Jonah, he is "One of music’s most charismatic, tuneful, purist geeks...” according to Entertainment Weekly. So if that sounds good to you, get on down

Date - Sat Oct 6th
Venue - TLC Bayswater
Big Kids/All Kids/Little Kids - All Kids
Supporting - D@C

I'm really looking forward to this gig and can't wait to see all the young ladies get all wet and horny over D@C while he sings Parkway Drive and AMITY songs on his beautiful acoustic guitar.. what a spunk!

So I'm really looking forward to playing a bunch of new songs at these gigs. The past year has given me more than enough moments to keep me busy from a song writing perspective. We're gonna start bashing them out at rehearsal soon and then book a studio to get it all down. There will be plenty of new tunes in the gigs coming up too :)

Plenty more gigs to be accounced soon and if I'm lucky Leo and Arlo might even join me for a few of em!

See you at the bar

g-pop and The Statics


Monday December 5, 2011

Farewell Pat!

Hey gang, we just thought we'd pop our heads up and send a big thank you for everyone who's supported us in 2011. We're all very proud of the album we put out and appreciate those who helped make it happen. You know who you are.

Some of you may of heard that our dear friend Pat has decided to move on from The Statics.

We would like to thank Pat all his amazing service to this band. For those close to the band you will know that Pat has dedicated some pretty stupid hours to this band behind the scenes and we will forever be grateful for this. Pat leaves with our best wishes and love. Here are some words from the man himself...

Guys and ladyguys, I'm leaving The Statics.

It's not because I hate my bandmates. It's not because I'm moving to Germany to pursue a career in modelling. It's not even because they've discovered I've been dipping into the band's cash box to fund my awesome party drug addiction.
No, I'm afraid that while all of those things are totally 100% verified absolutely true, the real reason that I'm leaving The Statics is because I'm just gonna go be super boring for a while.

Make no mistake, the past four years of my life have been the best I've ever had; jamming, writing, recording, playing on stage (whether in front of six people or six thousand), jumping in the van and pretending to be living the dream. But by far the best part of these four years has been hanging out with some of my best friends and working towards something amazing together.

So to everyone I've played with in The Statics - Arlo, Coops, Dave, Shaun, Briggsy, Jay, but especially my super best friends for all time Gerard and Leo - thankyou so much for letting me smell your sweaty bodies on a regular basis for the last few years. It's been magical.

And while I wish you the best for the future, I want you to remember me doing what I loved best - walking out the door with my pants around my ankles and both middle fingers up, yelling, "Good luck replacing ME, bitches!"

- Paddy.


So with that bullshit out of the way, here's your schedule for the next month (AKA a list of the gigs we'll be playing)!
The IDGAFF gig will be Pat's last, and gigs marked with an asterisk are acoustic gigs with just Gerard. Romantic!

Sat December 10 2011 - The National Hotel, Geelong (VIC) *
Sun December 11 2011 - Phoenix Youth Centre (All Ages) *
Thu December 15 2011 - IDGAFF Bar, Abbotsford (VIC)
Fri December 16 2011 - Mooroolbark Community Centre, Mooroolbark (VIC) *
Sat December 31 2011 - Alexandra Gardens, Melbourne (VIC)

Work that last gig into your NYE plans - it's gonna be one hell of a party!
For more details on all of these gigs, head to

We recently wrapped up our "It's Yours So Truck It" YouTube video series! Clocking in at 7 episodes totalling just under an hour, it's one hell of an awesome watch!
Thankyou to everyone who's been watching along with us - now relive the glory and watch it all again now that it's complete!


Stuck for Christmas gifts for yourself? Pick up the upcoming fifth issue of Australia's best new music publication,!
Not only is the most amazing, refreshing and inspiring magazine money can buy, but Issue 05 contains an awesome feature article on The Statics and our "It's Yours So Truck It" adventures. Worth a peek at the very least.

It's not out just yet, but make sure to pick one up in the next few weeks from Fist2Face!


And last on your to-do list for December, our excellent album (slash double EP) "A Million Perfect Mistakes" is eligible for voting in Fist2Face's 2011 Album of the Year poll!
Please head over there and put in a vote for us (along with all your other favourite albums of 2011!). You don't have to buy anything, you just gotta make your excellent taste known!

To celebrate our impending victory, we've created a bundle deal over at Fist2Face where you can get both EPs for $15 - that's 25% off, genius!


Alright, that's enough from us. Seeya at a gig, and then seeya next year!

The Statics.

Monday October 10, 2011


Wow! What a weekend!!

We launched the second half of our album, "Perfect" last friday at the Tote, and then rocked out at TLC in Bayswater on Saturday! A big thanks to those who came out to either or both!!

We're heading to Sydney this weekend for a bunch of gigs (3 to be precise) to please our legions (cough) of Sydney fans. Check out our gigs page for more information! We hope to see some familiar faces up there! 

Thats all for now, but watch this space for some crazy-arse news that's gonna be comin atcha in the next couple of weeks!


The Statics

Monday August 22, 2011

Back on the Truck!

What, did you think you'd seen it all? Well think again! Episode 5 of our truck escapades is now ready for your eyes and ears. Scroll down just slightly to get your watch on.

And make sure to keep your eyes open for more news - we're on the edge of announcing a bunch of gigs for October. Our die-hard Sydney fans should be pretty pleased!

Monday August 8, 2011

Predictions come true

Remember all that stuff we said was gonna happen a few weeks ago? Y'know, that stuff written below? Well it's totes happening!

This Friday night (August 12) we rock EV's Youth Centre in Croydon, headlining their Push Start battle of the bands. Check our Gigs page for more details.

And the wonderful folk at CollArts have uploaded some hottt videos of our live set to YouTube. Watch the first video below and check out the full set here!

And watch this space for more info on our Perfect EP launch tour. It's looking sweeter by the day.

Peace out homeskillets!

Monday July 18, 2011

Hold them horses!

Photo: Zo DamageWhoa! We have news from the future.
Which is to say that we currently have nothing to report except for a bunch of tantalising teasers!

A few weeks ago we were filmed playing a sweaty set by our buddies at CollArts, and we're expecting the incriminating video evidence to be up on their YouTube channel soon.

We'll soon be announcing an amazing all-ages gig at our old stomping ground, EV's Youth Centre in Croydon. Keep your peepers peeled for that one.

And finally (and most awesomely), we're teeing up a string of gigs with some mates of ours from Sydney, which should see us driving all over the place to launch our upcoming EP Perfect. More news on that real soon! For now, maybe you should eat a salami sandwich. They're delicious!

Photo: Zo Damage

Monday June 20, 2011

This one time on bandcamp, we launched a record!

So... about bloody time eh?

Big BIG cheers to all who came out to The Curtin last week! We all had a ball, and we hope you all did too! We spent a whole lotta time on this EP, and it was great to have our friends around us to bring it out!

On a side note, the aforementioned EP is now up for sale at for those of you with internets. For $5.00! 

Hope to see you all soon, and keep rockin!!

Much love,
The Statics!

Monday June 13, 2011

We're running out of truck puns

Thankyou to everybody who came down to the "A Million Mistakes" CD launch on Saturday night! It was an amazing night!

If you haven't picked up a copy yet, why not grab one from our official merch store, Fist2Face?

Can't wait till the "Perfect" launch! Keep them peepers peeled.

On that note, check out the next episode of our "It's Yours So Truck It" series, where we have a little trouble.

Wednesday April 27, 2011

Truckin' up Sydney

Hey we went to Sydney and had crazy adventures. And then we made a video about it!

Also, EP launch on June 11th! Hit up the gigs page for more informationals!

Thursday March 24, 2011

No truckin' way!

Episode two of our crazy truck saga is now on YouTube! Check it out below!

In other equally awesome news, our new single In Your Head can now be downloaded for free from our Bandcamp page! You'd best be gettin' on that.

And as usual, there's no shortage of gigs coming up! Head to the gigs page up above and see if you can't make it down to one?

Friday March 11, 2011

Truckin' along

So it's been a pretty crazy week!

This video probably explains it best.
Hope to see a bunch of you at The Public Bar tomorrow night!